SportMatch launch of V2 App

Chessboard is excited for the launch of SportMatch‘s V2 app. Congratulations to the team on getting to this stage! Click here for the LinkedIn article.

AgCoTech & Nutricell Pacific Partnership

Chessboard is pleased to announce that Nutricell Pacific has proudly partnered with AgCoTech Global, marking the beginning of an ambitious joint venture that embodies their shared vision for a better planet and healthier communities. Together, AgCoTech & Nutricell Pacific are committing millions of dollars to combat two of the most pressing challenges of our time: reducing poverty […]

S2S Advisory Partnership

Chessboard is proud to announce that we have partnered with S2S Advisory to expand our reach to South Australia!

Tharos featured on UK Vet Times

Congratulations to our client Tharos for being featured on the UK Vet Times for their research into hindgut acidosis in racehorses! Chessboard is proud to be a part of Tharos. Click the link below to see the article on Tharos’ website: Vet Times – EquiNectar – Volume 54 | January 09, 2024

FY23 M&A Annual Report

Our corporate partners at HLB Mann Judd have released their latest Annual M&A Report for FY23. The link below shows all their insights.

Metropolitan Police and The Household Cavalry choose EquiNectar

Congratulations to our client Tharos who is now supporting The Metropolitan Police’s Mounted Branch and The Household Cavalry by providing EquiNectar to optimise digestion and support the gut health of their horses. Click the links below to see the full blog posts: Metropolitan Police Choose EquiNectar to Optimise Horse Digestion EquiNectar Chosen by the Household […]

AgCoTech empowers farmers in Laos

Our client AgCoTech Global showing how they’re improving the welfare of local farmers in Laos!

The BUSY Group – M&A Adviser

Chessboard is proud to work with The BUSY Group Ltd (BUSY) on an ongoing basis as their Mergers & Acquisitions adviser. Chessboard is the Corporate Adviser to Busy BUSY is a Not for Profit (NFP) organisation providing career opportunities to job seekers and students through apprenticeships, employment, and education support programs. BUSY provides services across […]

Starlink On The Move

Congratulations to Tom Andrews and the team at Connected Farms for the great progress they are currently making providing rural connectivity solutions that allow farms to take advantage of AgTech and increase efficiency