Chessboard Services

Chessboard provides expert advice to Listed and Unlisted Corporate Clients.
Having advised clients for over nine years, we have assessed strategic options to maximise their outcomes.

IPO's & Placements

As Lead Advisor and your primary advocates in IPOs, we provide guidance on preparation, advice on key decisions and sourcing of funds. Our networks of institutional investors, private equity, and high net worth individuals help ensure a successful outcome. Our corporate partners Burrell have approximately $2.0b in Funds Under Advice while the HLB Mann Judd network has in excess of $1.0b in Funds Under Advice for us to draw on.

In excess of $3B investment funds through Corporate Partners

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our professional and experienced team provide the following services:

The team prides itself on maximising our client’s outcomes and business value through a strategic process that includes expert pricing and negotiation, target evaluation and deal structuring.

We provide a thorough and strategic process whilst allowing you to remain focused on the day-to-day running and growth of the business.

Private Equity

Chessboard has spent years developing strong capital networks to support our client’s needs. Our experts work to understand our clients and their capital needs in order to seek the right funding partner. Whether it be:

Our team has the network and experience to source wholesale funds.

Debt Structuring & Sourcing

Chessboard Debt Advisory is a debt advisory business that will provide debt sourcing and advice to listed & unlisted companies, as well as the SME market.

We support our client base by introducing commercial finance including:

Valuation & Share Price Advice

At the heart of our services is our expertise in business valuations. We believe all boards should have a robust understanding of the valuation of their listed or unlisted business. It is upon this foundation that you can assess opportunities to grow the value of the company. Chessboard provides valuation and shares price advice to clients for many reasons including: