Welcome to Hon. Larry Anthony

We are very pleased to welcome the Honourable Larry Anthony to our Advisory Board.

The Advisory Board, comprising Michael Hawkins, Darren Lockyer, John Mactaggart and Colin McKenzie will be further strengthened by the addition of Larry’s considerable experience and expertise.

Larry held the seat of Richmond in New South Wales from 1996 until 2004. During that time, he served in the Howard Government as Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Minister for Community Services and Parliamentary Secretary for Trade. Larry was responsible for an annual budget of over $60 billion and is widely regarded for his achievements in social policy reforms. He holds a keen interest in the information technology, finance, property, media and human services sectors. Larry is the current President of The Nationals.

The addition of Larry to the Board not only provides Chessboard with valuable experience, but through SAS Group, also provides access to an experienced team in media relationships and training and Stakeholder Engagement.

Larry replaces John Woodhouse on the Advisory Board. John has been a valuable contributor to Chessboard. We thank John very much for his input and support and wish him well in the future.

We look forward to Larry’s input and insight into the Chessboard business.