Testimonial: Tactiv Pty Ltd

Tactiv started life as a subsidiary of a community Not For Profit (SEQ Catchments) and our original clients were either Government Agencies or NFP’s required to report to Government. We have a very different genesis to the standard software company and a deep legacy and understanding of the needs of NFP’s in regard to the challenges and pressures faced by this sector. As managing director of Tactiv and having been with the team from the beginning I think it is worth looking back at the last 2 years since especially since we went out on our own.

Besides our clients and shareholders there have been a number of individuals and business partners who have made the transition possible. While the business had been operating and profitable for some time starting out as an independent IT business, refinancing and developing a new product had its challenges. We faced the usual problems of growing companies like financing and attracting investment and didn’t fit the latest hype cycle in the software world in Australia.

Chessboard were recommended to me by a long term business associate. Over the last 2 and a half years we have built a great relationship. Peter and his team initially assisted us to refinance the business. Together we had more coffees and meetings with banks and finance providers that I can count. Despite being a small software company with little independent financial records we were successful in raising the long term debt needed to support our business. Chessboard then helped to design and execute a capital raising process to introduce new equity to the business to support the development of our new product and growth. Peter and Cheyne became trusted advisors through this time and on occasions had frank discussions about the best way forward. Through this process we got to put our case to their extensive network of business contacts and investment partners. We at Tactiv were pleased when Chessboard became shareholders, they clearly identified value and were prepared to back it.

Tactiv is the developer of the Enquire software product which is a modern cloud based ‘software as a service’ solution which assists clients to manage contract and grants from application or proposal through to acquittal and reporting. Enquire’s enterprise administrative tools support better decision making and facilitate reporting outcomes and allows greater investment transparency and certainty for investors.

Kind Regards,

Simon Warner

Managing Director

Tactiv Pty Ltd