Supporting Yodal’s growth strategies

Chessboard is proud to work with Yodal.

Chessboard is the Corporate Adviser to Yodal.

Yodal is a cloud based software solution enabling financial planners, insurance advisers and accountants to deliver a measurable, revenue generating, off risk estate planning service for their clients.

The Yodal solution enables advisers to reduce the time and resources required between initiating an estate planning conversation with their clients and delivering completed documentation via their choice of lawyer.

Yodal is currently in its expansion phase. Having commercialised the technology, they are now partnering with large financial institutions and industry superannuation funds to scale the business.

Yodal CEO, Brandon Thompson says:

“As our Corporate advisers and members of our Advisory Board, Chessboard continue to provide us with valuable insights into our business model as we scale into a SaaS model. With Chessboard we are provided visibility to the ongoing financial implications of various decisions and scenarios which is critical in minimising risk, realising our opportunities and maximising shareholder return”.

As part of our recent engagements Chessboard:

  • Provided financial modelling support to allow for analysis of Yodal’s cashflow needs and value outcomes under various growth scenarios

  • Acted as corporate adviser to capital raisings

  • Assisted Yodal in identification and assessment of opportunities

  • Provided strategic advice in relation to value creation

  • Participated as a member of Yodal’s Advisory Board

We are proud to continue to support Yodal to maximise the outcomes of its strategy, so much so that we hold equity in Yodal.